Dumb genes

I feel very close to my boyfriend romantically but he is really dumb. So dumb that I have thought that someday I may have really dumbassed kids. The thought scares me. He has a wonderful heart but I feel like we are lacking a intellect connection. I have a room mate who is brilliant and awkwardly madly in love with me. Yet I feel he can converse on any subject with me. I am confused and unsure who to love. I better figure it out soon because I'm not a cheat, physically, or in my heart.

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  • In most situations it is not cool to say someone is dumb but I guess since this is a confession it is meant to be candid. I have been in a situation where I questioned the intelligence of my spouse and his gene pool. It is natural and part of natural selection. Don't sweat the judgementals above.

  • There is always condoms:)

  • break up with your boyfriend. feeling hes not as smart as you and you lack an intellectual connection is just the beginning of a long road of being not satisfied.

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