GF wants it

My girlfriend thinks since she let me f*** her in the ass, that she should be able to do the same to me with a strap-on. Weird as it sounds, I may let her do it just once. What does everyone think? Good or bad idea?

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  • I wish my wife would use a strapon on me!It's a huge fantasy I've had for a long time!

  • This is soooo gay.

  • My wife f**** me with a strapon a couple of times a year and it is awesome! Being sexually dominated is a lot of fun, and being really vulnerable with a loved one can bring you closer.

  • hey, letme tell you my girlfriend like tied me around the bed and startign wiphing me and we went hard so try my life.

  • You should let her put that thing up in there. If you ever had to go to prison, you'd be used to that s*** so it wouldn't bother you when Bubba got busy on your behind.

  • Don't do it, Man. I had a friend whose girlfriend started buck f****** him with strap ons. Then she had him sucking d*****, and it got worse. Not look after she turned him into a d**** sucker, she got him sucking guy's d****, for real.

    On the other hand, if you're cool with man on man s**, it's all good.

  • You should m********* with a finger or two of yours halfway in your butt, to prepare yourself first, if not then dont be to concerned about the action as its happening just relax and be ready to feel like your about to o***** n c** intensly, expect brown smelly fluid also when you explode, strangly you will pee aswell when u c**, dont forget that tbe male g spot is up there.

  • Nothing wrong with that. It won't turn you gay. Just use lots of lube, have her go slow at first and enjoy!

  • Go for it, Man. Be her B****. You know you want it. Better than that, have a dude do you doggy style and let her watch. That's what I did. It started with the strap on, then my girlfriend wanted to move on to harder stuff; i.e. a dude f****** me in the ass.

    So being a game guy I said WTF, and, to my surprise, I liked it. Now we have a regular who does me up the wazoo at least twice a week and me and the dude, who's hung like a Jersey Bull, 69 each other afterwards. At first my girlfriend got a little jealous but then she thought about how she benefited when me and the dude did her after the dude back doored me. Life is good.

  • Enjoy, but this might lead to her wanting an actual guy to do it and her be in the middle , just saying be careful what doors you open up

  • Still working my wife up to using a strap-on. She does a bit of a*** play with her fingers. You won't be sorry, best s** you'll ever have

  • no way

  • is it worth the good feeling when you f*** her ass? if so, then go ahead

  • you should let he tie you up and let her f*** you with a strap on so you can see how much it hurts. remember the strap on will never c** so she can drill you for ages until you prolapse. you won't want to do it again.

  • I am the original poster. Give me break, homosexual men do it all the time. I think I can handle it. She didn't complain at all while I was f****** her. I told her okay lets do it tomorrow, I am even going to let her tie me up has you suggested. I will post tomorrow night about the experience.

  • My gf won't let do her in the butt, I still get get here to duck me with a strap on ;)

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