Photos of my wife

I love for other guys to look at photos of my beautiful wife. She is 4’11” 110 lbs, sandy hair, blue eyes and measures out at 36D-24-36. I now let guys take their own photos of her. Once a week in a local motel I let them take all the pictures of her naked as they want. This has really worked out well for me. It’s as if she is their personal nude model.

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  • Hey man I’ll trade pics

  • Got pics of wife to share. from young to older saggy t***. so.e rough t** play too. crying s*** wife

  • Send me a pic and I'll show you nude pics

  • I mean, I would like to see some, but, like, it's kinda weird in my opinion.... but if your wife doesn't mind, then hey! No Problem there!!

  • I would love to see your wife.

  • Omg! Would you trade wives pics with me? I have tons of pics of my wife!

  • I can swap snapchat jcru694u

  • No problem I will show u

  • This is fake, you fools!

  • You probably believe the earth it flat Moron.

  • Truly laughable that you believe this crap and then call me gullible! But I'm sure you're knee deep in OP's wife's nudes by now...

  • It’s truly creepy that you even care. I don’t have the dishonor of even knowing you and I plan to keep it that way.

  • I'm not entirely sure if you're the guy pretending to hand out his wife's naked pictures, or if you're one of those who wastes their time fapping away to someone else's wife. Either way it's funny that you do whichever of those two, and then try to claim some sort of imaginary moral high ground!
    Guess this page turned out to be quite entertaining after all... ;)

  • One way to settle this is for the OP to post the pictures on Tumblr and then give us the link. I'm betting the OP won't though. The OP is probably the same person posting all the others post about wanting others to see wife pictures, and no Tumblr link on those either. Soooo, step up or shut up OP!!!!

  • I don’t do tumbler or any those type things. That’s my choice. If you want to believe what I’m saying that’s your choice. And just for the record, all those other posting about wife’s photos is not me. I have one posting you chose not to believe. Be that as it may.

  • Of course you're not into anything like that, because you are full of s***. And because you can't step up, now you can shut the f*** up. Liar!

  • If you have to resort to vuger language I suppose that means your mentally challenged. So all have to do is consider the source.

  • "If you have to resort to vuger language I suppose that means your mentally challenged."
    As an objective outside observant, I have to point out the gaping flaw in your conclusion. There's no logical connection between the two, except perhaps Tourette's syndrome.
    Basically, vulgar (which I assume you meant when you wrote "vuger") language does in no way prove that one is mentally challenged. As I assume you must know this already, I suggest raising the level by coming up with better arguments.

  • Lol, can't figure what else to say? Funny watching someone backed into a corner on their bullshit story.

  • All you had to do 2 hours ago was send me your e-mail address and I would have sent you proof. But I guess your to proud and arrogant for that. So be it.

  • You don't have to prove anything to me, but I would love to see her pics! I would love you to see my wifes nudie pics! Can we trade? Thanks Herb at

  • You couldn't possibly know this, but you're replying to several different people (or at least two different people, as I am one of them).
    I, who posted the original comment about this being fake, did so after providing my email and receiving no naked pictures of your wife. So I have done precisely what you described above, and I therefore know that this is bullshit. My warning was as a courtesy to the next guy.

  • Notice how quiet OP got all of a sudden... ;)

  • You can’t cure stupid, so I move on.

  • Like I said, put up or shut up. I have seen no proof that you want to share nude photos of your wife, h*** there is no proof you even have a wife. No proof is the same as pigs flying.

  • To prove you wrong resend address and I’ll resend.

  • I'd love to see your wifes pics! I have lots of my wifes nude pics to share with you!

  • Mmm love to see

  • I’d love to see! Happy to share too


  • Dude pls send me at

  • Please send me some of her pictures and I will send you pictures of my wife
    Macmmot at gee male dot com

  • I will send u some bot ok s

  • I will

  • I would be glad to, but I’m unfamiliar with that type of e-mail address. Help me to understand.

  • I live in uk

  • Awesome would love to do it with mine

  • I'm interested

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