Unintentional Flirtation

My neighbor Ron is 54 and the father of a guy I used to have s** with in high school. He doesn't know about me and his son. I'll never bring it up because his son used me and treated me like nothing more than a convenient s** toy even though I was in love with him and let him know it.

I don't know why, but I've been fantasizing about Ron lately even though he's older than my dad. I'm 24, so that's 30 years difference, but I don't even care. I have a sexual dream about him almost every night and wake up with my body on fire for him. I seriously want to walk over to his house while he's in bed asleep, climb on top of him and just ride him hard while calling him Daddy. He's a really sweet guy, and that just adds to my desire to be really dirty for him.

What makes me feel bad about this is that I have a boyfriend, and I'm also close with his wife. This is why I haven't acted on my desires. I do find myself flirting with him accidentally, though, and I can't seem to stop myself. I'm always finding reasons to hug him, kiss his cheek, smile at him, swish my hips as I walk by him and other things, but I at least try to be subtle. What I really want to do when I see him is climb up on his lap, grind against his c*** and kiss him passionately. He was over yesterday for a birthday party and sat beside me on the couch, and I kept thinking about this and getting really wet.

Feb 27, 2012

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