well, i am the lead of the play and there is a major kissing scene. ironiquly, the guy i have to kiss is my ex- boyfriend. but, i have a boyfriend right now, and my ex has a girlfriend right now. but, i'm starting to question my relationship. my boyfriend doesn't act like he likes me. i'm his first girlfriend, so he would probably be too shy and scared to break up with me. but, i still like him. but, i also like my ex (the one i have to kiss)! it will be very awkward to kiss another person that i don't have a relationship with and he would be my first kiss. i think i like my ex more than my current boyfriend. but, i'm pretty sure that my ex doesn't like me back. to sum it all up: i like the guy i have to stage kiss when i have a boyfriend, but i like them both, and i have to kiss the guy that i like and he isn't even my boyfriend.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Looks like your not destined to be an actress

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