On a spring break trip a few years ago

On a spring break trip a few years ago, I went to a Beach Island Resort.....I came in 2nd place in a wet t-shirt contest, I had this red bikini that was very sexy.....I hooked up with more than one guy that week (we used protection).....I actually participated in a kissing contest - in which I was blindfolded, and 5 different guys got to spend time with me in a hotel bathroom, kissing, or doing whatever they could in 5 minutes.

That was 5 years ago..... and I think I have a new co-worker that was one of the guys in the kissing game. I don't know if he remembers me or not.

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  • Very funny...My hot, older sister is a teacher, and, race fan. I'm not huge on it, but, have gone with her a few times. It's a fun atmosphere, she dresses in little as possible, and is always willing to answer groups of guys chanting "t***, t***, t***!, flashing them.

    One race I was with her, she took some time to be with two guy in a camper trailer. I didn't care, since we mess around anyway, and, it gave me time to hunt down my own conquest. Both guys were cleaner-cut than most race fan guys, and I knew they'd slam the h*** out her but not hurt her. They had her in there a good hour before she came out, looking tired, worn, and, her already low-cut tank top stretched out and showing off most of her 38C's.

    Fast forward a year or so, and, her school gets a new VP; It's one of the camping trailer guys. She knew it immediately, but he didn't, as he was also married and probably didn't remember her. Took him a few months, but, my sister pulled me aside at a family function and joked "Hey..Remember the race we went to? The one I let those two guys f*** me in the camper?" I tell her yes, and we laugh about it, jokingly calling her "race s***".

    "Well...One of them is now right down the hall from my room..He's the new vice principal!" she laughed, then told me he finally put two and two together during a meeting they had. Guess he didn't want any of that getting out (unlike, apparently, his wild, race-day d***), and practically begged her to keep quiet about it. She still has that over him, just in case she needs it.

  • that's kinda funny hah

  • rent a bullet, buy a gun

  • LOL that is embarrassing!

  • Take up masturbation.


    Post pictures.

  • Ask him.

  • Poster, are you attracted to him?

  • Could be a conversation starter.

  • big deal...

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