My innocent mind!

Up until I was 10, I thought lots of kissing got you pregnant!

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  • There are a lot of adults who aren't much smarter. That's why you have to sign a waiver when you get a hysterectomy saying that you understand you can no longer have babies. For a while there, women were getting their wombs yanked and then trying to sue because they "discovered" they couldn't get pregnant anymore.

  • My friend thought Babies came out of the Belly Button, I wasn't too sure but we were only 8yo. lol

  • Lol me too! My friend had to show me how it worked when I told her I didn't know.

  • rofl . i thought that dudes had the same things we had. when i asked a dude who was in my 5th grade class did he get his period he was like " whats that?" " i gotta d*** not a c***" . i was confused and yet scared i didnt know i was talking to the " bad boy " until 2 years later

  • Me too!

  • I thought girls peed out their butts.

  • i thought that was s** lol

  • im 45 why am i just finding this out

  • alot of kissing can get you pregnant ;)

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