Kissed my best friends boyfriend

My best friend since Kindergarten got her first boyfriend last month. We hung out together and she would bring him with to things like the park or the pool or the mall. One day we were all at my friends house caz there was no place to go that day and we were playing computer games and my friend had to go to the bathroom. While she was gone her boyfriend started kissing me and feeling me up. I don't have a boyfriend and never kissed one before, so I didnt tell him to stop. Now I liked kissing him and want to again, but I feel bad.

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  • Where is your loyalty to your friend?

  • Don't feel bad. You want him. He wants you. It's nature. Let him do you. Your friend is obviously not taking care of his needs. You should. Start with kissing. But do NOT stop there. Get him in you.

  • Don’t worry about it. Enjoy him.

    But you may want to hint to your friend that you find him attractive. If you play your cards right you could score him a threesome. And if that goes well you and your friend could become more than just friends as well

  • Don't take him from her......just have him as your toy. Knowing you can get him to come to you, and c** for you, and c** in you, whenever you want him to will give you such a sense of power and control that you cannot pass it up. Having your best friend's boyfriend between your legs will be the greatest joy in your life. Knowing he loves you more than he loves her will be such a pleasure to you. You will be in control . . . not only of your relationship with him, but of his relationship with her. Kiss more!

  • Don't fret over it. He probably was kissing you because his girlfriend (your best friend) don't know how to kiss properly, and he knew that you DO Know how, either because you got a rep for that or just by looking at your lips and mouth he could see that you would be reeeal good at it. You DO seem the sort. My guess is that from now on guys will be lining up to kiss on you and wanting to suck your tongue out of your head. Get busy, little gonna have a LOT of kissing to do!!!

  • No! hes a hound. he dont respect you!

  • That poor boy just dont. Love hisself at all.

  • Don't feel bad. Men are pigs and they have no sense of boundaries. They'll eat whatever slop isnearby and on the ground. The fault was his, not yours. But whatever yo do, DON'T tell your friend. Forget about it. Pretend like it never happened. Deny deny DENY!

  • Women are just nasty as men. But worse.

  • True Dat!

  • Yes. Totally so. Women are certainly the worst. All of the. Are slags

  • Women are nothing but trash. This one especially.

  • She is certainly not a bad girl. She just likes kissing and she's obviously good at it. Lots of guys want to kiss on her. I do. Don't you?

  • If it felt good once it will feel good again. So do it again. And then keep doing it. All the way up till you have him inside your body. Let him keep going inside. All the way up till you have his baby inside your body. Then after you have given birth see if your friend recognizes the baby. You will LOVE carrying his baby in you while she is still dating him. Cheating is so much fun! go get sum of it! go get his baby and eventually rub her nose in that baby! DONT YOU EVER LET HIM GO! HE BELONGS TO YOU! YOU!!!

  • Guy start kissing you? that tell you he's not committed to a relationship. so he your best friend you and her fight he kisses another gal dumps you. you better rethink that kisses don't let him ruin your friendship you have with your best friend

  • D!6k before Chick. That's the rules

  • Fuckk him right infront of your friend

  • This one of the best replies ever on this whole site! Well said! Well done, you!

  • I agree!! Show her sorry ass who own that boy!!! Its you that own that boy!! you own ALL that from now on! he yo man!!!! tell her keep her hand and her mouth and her smelly greazy cooz off that c***!! that c*** yo c***!!! TELL THE B****!

  • What friend??

  • I'm sure there's other boys you can kiss.

  • You need to leave your wife.

  • You need to quit f****** your sheep.

  • You need to stop hav ing s** with children

  • #yousickfuck

  • You meant suck..... Go to schoo. Here's a good one.... Homeschool

  • Yeah cuz that worked out swell for you right?

  • Tramp

  • Yep. she total.

  • The tramp thing.???

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