Stomach pains.

I'm pretty sure I have an ulcer, I've been smoking a lot lately trying to clamp down on all this stress. I'm 15 years old and I really shouldn't be dealing with the bullshit I have to deal with. My dads a lawyer, and he thinks he's some hot shot bull s******. I absolutly hate him. Mom died off couple years ago, so I mean it's not a big deal she never lived with me. Anyways, I've been watching p*** lately and really just f***** want to get laid. I'm a virgin, which is s*** cause I could have f***** a couple girls I just didn't want to at the time. Major mistake. Since dads a lawer, I have to have my own job and pay for everything. I pay for phone service clothes, food rent, bullshit. I can't afford jack s***. He wants me to be an adult, yet I still get punished like a kid. I get grounded all the time, and I get the belt now and again too, point being I don't have time for a girlfriend or time to get laid. I just want some f****** s**. I'm h**** all the time, masturbating gets super boring. I just want hot wet p**** to dip my d*** in. You know what else? I'm tired of playin lacrosse with a bunch of gay f******. They really are gay, and whatever that's nice I just dot want your f***** nuts rubbin up near my a******. Pervs check you out in the locker room, my d**** probably on the small side, I'm 6 1/2 cms or some s*** and don't like gay guys gawlkin at my s***. Thinking about it makes vile pile up in the back of my throat. My coach is a sickshit too, he walks into the girls locker room all the time when the girls are changing coming up with some excuse or another. He jokingly said he would beat me blind if I told the freshman teams. Whatever. Sometimes I wish I had a sibling. My dad doesn't particular want me, and moms dead, grandparents are practically non existent too. And my dad being an only child an all, I have no uncles or aunts.. I always wondered what my moms side was like. I wonder if I have a cousin or something. Not that they would like me cause my dads an ass, but still, hilarious seeing as he hates me too. I'm just s*** talking now. Whatever, I guess.

Mar 1, 2012

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