New GF

I just got a gf for the first time and I'm so f***** h**** and I don't know what to do. I don't think her parents will allow it, and I don't know if she'll want to do it and I don't want a relationship where there is nothing sexual at all! Plus I'm 13. :(

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  • Well first off dude if you don't even know what to do, then you shouldn't even be thinking of having s**, just take a deep breath and calm down before you hyperventilate, you seem to eager like a child turned lose in a candy store lol and thats not a good sign because there are a lot of responsable choices that come with s** and not to mention the possible stress after wards that can be associated with the lack of experiencne, education and the wrong choices. You should wait at lest 3years but If you feel you must do something, keep it to a minimum like just kissing, petting, and mutual m***********.

  • you are growing, so keep yourself calm first. At the age of 13? not yet. Perhaps, 18 then you can do it. Still young for you and her.

  • ...You're 13. You can be h**** all you want. But please wait till you can at least drive before you f***.

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