She hates me.

I know my stepmom hates me and wants me to die just as much as I want to. Hopefully, I'll be gone soon so she can have the life she dreamed of with my dad. I won't be in the way anymore.

Mar 3, 2012

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  • What about your dad? Won't he be upset if you were gone?

    Please don't. She can deal with you. I don't want to assume, but it was her decision to get involved with your dad knowing you were there, right?

    You know what's great about living? Things always change. People change, situations change. Just think about all the things you'd miss, all the oppertunities you'd never get if you died now.

    If that's not enough, just stop and breath for a moment. Feel your body. You're alive. You can feel the warmth of the sun and enjoy tasty food and breath the fresh air of a new day. Even if everything else is crappy, you can get a good feeling in life.

    I hope you're okay. Just try and ignore her, okay? :) eventually you can leave and live your own life, and you'll never have to see her again.

  • Don't do it. You won't be there forever and she's not worth it.

  • S**** her and live your life instead.

  • seduce that bytch and c** on her face, or worse yet knock her up with your baby

  • Dont kill yourself instead make her suck your d***

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