She Likes It Rough? So Do I!

My girlfriend just visited me for a week. We hand't had s** in a couple of months but we'd been talking about it and were excited to again. I was so excited that even when we talked about it on the phone I would get hard. We've always had great s** too so I knew it was going to be a good time. When she came, the first thing she did was give me a b*******. I always knew that my girlfriend was very sexual and was never not down to do anything. But I have always gotten that she wanted something else from me. She was just aggressive, simply getting on her knees and pulling my c*** out. She sucked my d*** hard, just deepthroating it and getting it really wet. We had s** a couple times throughout the week, and it was great. But one night when we were I could tell she was really h****. Her p**** got so wet and she just wanted it. While I was sticking it in her, she told me to choke her. So I did, I choked her hard. She liked it, and got even hornier! So I kept doing it, I even grabber her arms and held them above her head while I pounded it in her. Then she asked me to call her my b****, something she's never asked. I didn't know she wanted that? But I could understand what she wanted. So, I called her my b**** as we kept f******, and then she asked me to slap her. So without thinking, I slapped her hard. I loved it! I just love being rough with her. I'm still not sure how much she wants me to give her, but I want to keep testing her. I want to slap her and choke her and gag her and spit on her. It just makes me so h**** thinking that she thinks she's my b**** and that she wants it rough! I never though she liked that...She has no idea but I wish she could even do that to me. I want her to do the same back, treat me like her b****, slap me while she's on top. That would be so amazing. I want her to hit my d*** and b**** so they hurt, even lick my a****** and finger it. It would be so amazing if she just reached around my ass while I was on top of her, and then just stuck a finger in my ass. She already slaps it hard, I love that she knows she can do that!

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