I hate my husbands ex

That i hate the way im always thinking of my husbands ex girlfriend they were together for 4 years and lived together and the b**** cheated on him several times. They broke up for that reason. We started dating for about two years she would e-mail me and tell me how he is a liar and just trying to ruin our relationship. Later He proposed and we got married, we've been married for a year and i constantly have to look at her facebook and i imagine how she and my husband used to have s** it just bothers me!! i wish for some reason i were his first!!! i always ask myself why did he not marry her, i always also ask him that question and he tells me because he wasent in love it was just a s** thing or a routine thing of every day where they just lived together!!!! I wish someone would really tell me what to do to get this b**** out of my head!!! Its probably cause we live close and i see her once in a while!!! aaaaaaah

Jun 17, 2011

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  • I have to say I'm going through the same thing just from the other angle. I was with my ex for 5 years and we broke up and I met my current fiance. She is amazing but very jealous of my ex and the time we had. It sounds like she does and asks me a lot of the same things u do and ask of your husband. I will catch her checking out my ex's facebook and other things. Me and my fiance have been together for 3 years now and she still asks me about my ex (we broke up 4 years ago now). I agree about your husband saying about the routine, it was easy, just living day to day, especially when your not with someone you love but also I could do my own things, and before you know it years have passed.

    You do really need to get over his ex though, I never think of mine, there is a reason he is with you, I tell my girl that if I had a crystal ball I would have been with her from the start, but I wasnt and everything I went through with my ex made me a better man today. I'm sure its the same with him, all that time he spent with his ex made him better and im sure he appreciates you more than if that time he had with his ex didnt happen. Thats the way I think of it at least. I have been trying to get my girl to see it my way, I just dont want my past relationship to be a problem for her now and in the future and hurt what we have. Im sure he feels the same.

  • Thankyou for your response now that i think about it you are right!!! Remembering her or asking him questions about her will not change anything it will just cause problems!!!

  • I HAVE THE SAME PROBLEM. It's incredibly annoying.

  • You guys are together so get over it. You may not be the first but you could be the last. (If you look past his ex that is)

  • Yes, she'll always be part of his past, but you're his present and future. Sounds like you're torturing yourself. Stop it. She's not your competition, you won the best prize. Your husband is with YOU. The first thing..stop stalking her on facebook. Stop bringing up her name or anything about her to your husband. If you see her in town, look the other way..or say hello. Whatever, be the bigger person. Live your life, get busy doing something else, and gain self esteem about yourself and your relationship. And go and speak to a therapist. Couldn't hurt.

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