HELP!!! How to stop being closed-minded?

I'm very closed-minded about certain things.
It's because of jealousy.
I'm ugly, so sometimes I hate seeing happy pretty people, I cannot help it. Please don't hate me, I don't really hate them, I mainly just feel extremely envious. Because people love them, and they hate me, even if I'm nice. And I am nice to people, trust me.
How to stop feeling like this?
Also, I'm virgin and people love promiscuity, but I hate it. Is it okay if I hate promiscuity? I just find it gross. I want to be with only one person my whole life.
Do you hate me, do you think I deserve it when people hate me because I'm not pretty?
I want to stop feeling insecure, and to stop thinking I'm better than people I call superficial, just to comfort myself and try to feel better. It's bad to do that, and I'm trying to stop. I want to go back to loving people more, even if they don't love me. Please give me some advice. And if you hate me too, please tell me why.

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  • Dont listen to this backwards ass b****. Look, just because some dumbshit at school called you ugly and genuinely thinks so in their opinion doesnt make it the ultimate truth, tell em to f*** off and if they dont punch em in their f***** nuts,if you got bullies that are girls,look some instructional boxing videos and knock their f***** block off,If you cant be beautiful be tough, and if you cant be tough then get over it.Stop giving a s*** about random peoples opinions.Second, waiting till you're married to have s** is retarded, what happens if you marry someone and it turns out that you dont like having s** with them? Here's what will happen, you'll feel like a piece of s*** for loving them emotionally but not sexually,im not saying go out and sleep with as much people as you can,im saying dont let a book dictate when you have s** with and give you a false sense that you're better than someone who has extramarital s** because they're not "pure".

  • First, do NOT compare yourself to others. That's what making you insecure. Do NOT even compare yourself to the people you think inferior than you just to make yourself feel better,at the end of the day it will never help. Instead, Focus on yourself I'm not saying that you should be selfish, but you should love yourself first, how can people love you when you don't even love yourself.

    Second, in my own opinion.. virginity is scared. It's a good choice to wait and only give it to your future spouse. (I'm a Christian and I grew up believing in such things)

    Lastly, I don't think you are ugly. You are beautiful in your own way. Physical appearance is nothing compared to the real beauty of a person inside.

  • ur probilly butifull

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