I feel like I need to let this out...

I've had an eating disorder for 5 years and im 16. Tonight I finally stood up and wrote "no more suffering" on my scale and threw it away. I threw away my thinspo books and magazines and my razors. Im taking a step forward, I wont let a disease control my life anymore. I've never been happier(:

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  • Yeh I am sick of this book publishing company expecting thousands for me to publish. I should have that money. I should have a husband and career. I should have travelled more by now. I should be owning a house and acreage and financial investment properties of my own. I should have had 2 children by now. I should have graduated by now. get out of my space and time and place please. stop the suffering. i should have been a hot sexy beautiful bride by now. stop the suffering and abuse. I don't even like the royals anymore. I hate celebrities and hollywood. I don't want to be around a lot of people anymore other then the types I like. I don't want to be abused anymore for wanting someone and something different. stop the abuse aa. stop the abuse roslyn. stop the abuse john stop the abuse bayfm. stop the abuse neighbors and churches. stop the abuse fatforward stop the abuse and suffering motely and coops. stop the abuse and suffering ricky. stop the pain and misery in h*** all of you. stop the abuse. we are not part of your show corey. I don't like you. I hate amercia. the usa has nothing to give me. I like europe and other places. just f*** off and stop the abuse. stop the torture. stop the terrorism. stop the games. stop controlling. stop not allowing me to move on from everyone. just stop. stop karen. stop karens kids. stop all of you. stop . stop. stop.

  • That is how I feel. please stop the abuse and suffering your putting on us. stop organising me to be what you want. we just want to have our holiday with family without heaps of p*** and drink because you can still have fun without getting drunk. I just want another person to come with us. is that too much to ask. I pay for the room so I want what I want. I am not going to be everything to everyone. why doesn't anyone want to share with us. its a s** free zone, drug free zone and mostly alcohol free zone, do we contaminate that much do we? why can't just one f****** friend or relative or someone say yes to me? why can't I get one proper f****** date that no more ken. no more ron. no more rick. no more bullying. no more dave, no more bowzo, no more rottis and royals rottfaces. we just want our lives and some money and careers and a new love. is that so evil to the rest of you and the world. stop abusing us. stop our suffering.

  • I'm genuinely happy for your success darling

  • That's awesome! It's wonderful you're free! Keep living happily!

    But...a part of me wishes you'd have given those things to me instead of throwing them away because I'm beginning to become that way...

  • Good. Live in quiet misery, thinking you're superior because you've puked your way into a size 4. If you mess up your body enough, even that won't be enough to keep you thin, and then you'll be fat AND messed up, with bad teeth and visible psychosis. Enjoy!

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