I fantasize about killing people

I constantly think about killing people who have wronged me or who could possibly black mail me in the future. I try and imagine myself as the new serial killer of the decade, a cool costume and name, weapon of choice. I think about these killing sprees for hours at a time, usually at night when I'm trying to go to sleep. It's getting to a point where I am seriously considering following through, although I'm sure I'd get caught.

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  • Who cares if you get caught you'll be f****** famous, I say go on and follow your dreams, you might be a big hit. Just plan and follow through with all of your kick ass fantasies and everything will fall in place.

  • The fact that you're here shows that you have a humane conscious and virtues.

    Stay classy dude, you're better than that...


  • I do hope you seek out someone to whom you can confide in. Every life is precious.

  • Watch out people! Here comes the next version of Halloween!

  • We have all been through situations in our life, where people have hurt us. My advice, is to just learn to forgive and forget. Instead of allowing yourself to be consumed by all the negative, do something positive ie, work out, play video games, go shoot some hoops, do whatever makes you find some sort of happiness in your life. I hope you also realize that every life has value to it. Talk to someone you confide in.

  • What if u kip getting reminded and intimidated and the situation is hopeless , Im also gonna kill many people ive been planning for years but everytime im about to strike I feel like I have to plan more so the harvest will be huge , me included coz I got nothing to lose

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