Three nights

I cant believe im here crying myself to sleep for a third night in less then a week. Dumb thing is my so called boyfriend is here but choses to walk away. What makes it worse is im 26 weeks pregnant. And i just found out when i move into an apt with my mom to save money for the newborn he plans on only being a part of the babies life and not mine. I would have rather been ditched at the beginning of the pregnancy not almost 7 months in. I wouldnt want this for any pregnant woman. Its a horrible feeling.

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  • Ignore the cruel ignorant comments. I imagine you are very young and you've made a mistake but now you have a child on the way. You life is going to be changed drasciatically and you must make the best choice for the child. Life will be easier on yours time goes on. Just focus on your child and take care of yourself.

  • He is going to help with the baby, that is more important than any relationship. show him what a good mom you are and maybe he will come back to you. if you want him that is.

  • Hes nothing but a little boy. kick his ass out cold find you a real man who willing to love you care for you and yours. I would love you care for you and yours im singal and looking for a good woman like you.

  • you dumb b**** you got what you deserved for tricking him and gettting pregnant. you s***/w****

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