Purification time

I think people are a blight. small children are ok for a while but then they get ruined too. when the human race is wiped out the world will be a better place. In the mean time I will do my best to pretend to give a s***.

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  • Agree with everything except "small children are ok for a while". Small children are just adults with no filters-- noisy messy little sociopaths who don't even notice other people unless they want something from them. Don't think for a second every letter of that doesn't apply to adults too!!

    F*** humanity.

  • People are terrible and the only purpose I can see for the existence of humans is to end all life on earth. This post may be negative, but I think people are the negative thing. Whenever we get what we want, we want something else. We're full of greed and no one has any respect for the earth. It's really sad how awful people treat animals, just horrific. I think animals are innocent and we're taking over everything and leaving them nowhere to live. It's selfish, I hate being around too many people, it just feels like a waste of life. Stop having so many worthless kids, there's way too much traffic and a******* in the world. Please also know that nobody likes your kids but you...it's all pretend lol.

    We Are All Just Tolerating Each Other.

  • It doesn't take much for that fake "toleration" to slip, either. Those who pay attention see evidence of that every day. For you retards who need everything spelled out in ten foot high red letters, just wait-- keep breeding like rats and expecting life to suddenly become magically better for the masses, those are two key components. When the lid blows off this thing, it is gonna be fucken ugly.

  • Oh, I'm forcing them to see that. They have no clue what's coming. Muahaha.


  • I stopped trying to love anyone thats how bad it is to me

  • Too true. I hate my species and I'm genuinely disgusted to be part of it

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