Sick, I know

The woman my ex cheated on me with and dumped me for killed herself when he did the same thing to her. She knew we were engaged, even spray painted my car to let me know she had been there. I know it's sick to be glad someone is dead, but I am. Now, if only he would do the same thing. I Can't wait to dance and p*** on her grave.

Mar 12, 2012

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  • That's so awesome. Dude, you're not a horrible person for feeling that way. She sounded like a total b**** and you must've been terribly hurt. Be happy karma bit her in the ass, and go and live your life. There's someone wonderful out there for you.

  • Um...
    I feel bad for the girl who died, she must have suffered a lot and stuff. But lets not forget that the dead girl spray painted the poster's car, to make her suffer even more after her boyfriend cheated on her. So she must have sucked as a person, so I don't feel THAT bad for her death. In fact, I hate people like that. I don't care what they've been through, if they only live to make other people go through misery then they are good as dead. Poster, p*** on her grave all you want, I won't judge you. But forget about your ex boyfriend and move on with life, you shouldn't waste it with hate.

  • Horrible you are all horrible people

  • Haven't laughed this hard at a comment in a while. we all feel the same way. The person saying "terribly cruel" is completely full of s*** and just wants to feel holier than thou. To him/her: STFU or we'll come dance and p*** on your grave too.

  • You are an ass.

  • Eh, hate to say it but id probably feel the same way.

  • Terribly cruel. You sound mentally disturbed to say such a thing.

  • if i were you id do the same

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