Spying on sister in law

My sister in law would shower @ my apt. on a daily basis for a few mths straight & I would watch her through the keyhole in the door. I wish so bad I could have got pics of her but I didn't. I would also watch her use the washroom & I would throw the toilet paper in the garbage so she wouldn't realize it until she had to use it & would have to get up & walk across the bathroom w/ her panties & jeans around her knees & bend over to get the toilet paper out, I miss it so much & would do it again & get lots of pics if I had the chance, wish me luck

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  • Did this with my hot older sister very often. Not keyhole, but, either with a mirror underneath the door, or, since the door trim was loose and easy to see in, that way. She'd be naked in front of the mirror before her shower, get in, shower up, and come out to dry herself off, including powdering the bottom of her b****. Did that all the time.

    I'd watch her shave her legs, bend over naked, and stretch to clean off the steamed mirror until she was just about ready to exit. I had her entire, naked routine down to a science.

    Would come out of the bathroom and I'd be in the general area, but not too close to be caught, and she'd wear either a partially open robe, or tied towel that barely covered her from b**** to upper thighs. Stole some fast, tiny camera shots of her like that.

  • First off, I have to say, what ever happened to proper grammer? Now onto the whole gist of this conversation. I have a sis-in-law that I'm very attracted to, and I will admit that I have peaked on her coming out of the shower (had to go pee, door was cracked and the shower turned off as I was walking up to the door; just happened upon the situation and curiosity got the best of me). I won't even judge you terribly for recording it. All I'm saying is get a couple kicks out of it then delete it all. It's going to be way more trouble then it's worth if you get caught with it. Also don't make a habit out of it. Be respectful of your sister-in-law, she has a right to privacy. Be respectful of your wife/brother (which ever kind of sister-in-law you have). Stuff like this can destroy relationships for the rest of your life.

  • What ever happened to "grammer?" Well, that's easy. It was replaced by grammar. That's an embarrassing typo, dude?

  • My sil is so f****** hot! My wife loves to f*** and talk about her sister she found all my videos of me video taping her sister p****** or changing and she flipped out now when we f*** and i mention it she gets really aggressive but likes it, her p**** gets so wet and i just keep f****** her harder and harder. It started by my sister in law telling me she was in love with me and my wife was cheating on me, the cheating was true, but the wifes sister wanted to f*** me, the wife has two other sisters all juicy but i only want to f*** may that is her name maylynn she always comes to my house and i already put the boys to bed so i try to keep her there longer so the house can smell like her and i j******* after she leaves. when i spy on her through the hole i made on her door i get so f***** h****, and like i said its a rush because u never know who is gonna come out. spying on her through the window is the best shes knows im out there she points her little p**** towards the window and rubs it i video tape it and blow my load i continue to flirt with her but one day im gonna f*** that tight p****

  • My sister in law is so f****** hot
    I would spy on her all the time when she would go take a shower she would cramp her hair clap on the drapes i would move the drapes so there was an opening and wait outside the window she would never notice it and i would video tape it outside and m*********.
    I now go over a lot and she showers when she wakes up so i try to go over in the morning i made a hole in her door and every time she showers instead of going outside i no video tape it through the peep hole! its very exciting and puts its something i enjoy masturbating to till today you cant f*** her so might as well try

  • Depends on what state she lives in. I had a 2bd/2ba townhouse where to get to each bathroom, you'd have to go through the bedrooms. My roommate (a male, who was dating a friend of mine whom also lived there and shared a room with him) went in my room to get to my bathroom (which I always locked the door when I was gone, but he knew how to pick it apparently) and put a video camera in the vent. There was a video of me using the toilet, undressing, showering...I felt so violated. I talked to a female cop about pressing charges, but she said because we didn't have a lease stating we weren't allowed in each others rooms/bathrooms. So because it was his home too, he was allowed to put video cameras anywhere without having ask permission or let anyone know. It's pretty effed up OP does this, but by law, she might be allowed to do so since it is her home.

  • That is disrespectful and disgusting especially to take pictures. Do you understand if you went through it you can be processecuted? Taking pictures of someone without their consent is only going to get in trouble. Wise up kid before you end up in jail.

  • Well say man! I knew there is still a room for goods..

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