Unfortunately babe

I love you more than any other girl I've been with & I think you know that. We have a great s** life but I want you to know that when I shared you with dave & when we go for our drives so you can flash truckers, let me post your pics on amateur sites, let me share your pics with my friends of mine & have phone & cyber s** with other it really does make me think you're a s***! I know I've asked you to do it & you say you're only doing it to make me happy but a good wife wouldn't do it. Don't be surprised when I leave you for someone else.

Mar 15, 2012

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  • This is so true, my very sentiments exactly.... this is why so many less then intelligent girls and women get played and abandon, they lack the ablity to be true to their selves which is a very essential trait in order to be true to someone else, they just can't fathom the truth and logic of this way of reasoning, I've dropped many a women for proving to me that they were less then the kind of women you could call your wife....

  • I WANNA MEET YOU . so that I can take you directly to prison,lock you in with the biggest lock and throw the key into the atlantic ocean.
    and i hope the key goes down the bermuda triangle.

  • You're a sick f***. So you tried something, you thought you liked it, have decided you don't, and now you're saying she's the "wrong" one? Communicate, tell her the truth and find compromise you juvenile ass.

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