Sharing my sis in law's pics online

I had obsessed over my sis in law and her nice big t*** for years. After helping her with a computer problem one day about 7 years ago, I came across some nude pics of her. I couldn't believe after years I had finally seen those t***. I saved the pics and came to them hundreds of times. Eventually I realized the huge turn on it was for me to share them with others. I know this is horrible of me. I've been doing it for so long and although there aren't many pics, they have been viewed literally thousands of times through difference sources, websites, etc. She comes up right away on certain Google image searches. I love hearing what others think and what others would do to her, etc. Obviously she has no idea about any of this. The second part of this is that shortly after I found these pics, I also found out that she was doing cam p*** at the time. I think I used this as an excuse to make myself feel better about sharing her pics, thinking what difference does it make if she already exposed herself online anyway? Regardless, I've been doing it ever since and I know I should stop but now I think to myself that it will make no difference because I know those pics will always be out there.

Feb 13, 2017

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  • Im addicted to my sil too

  • I'd love to see them

  • Email me
    I do the same thing with my sil

  • When I was in college, naked and bikini pics of my super-hot, older sister made the rounds of my residence hall floor. I showed a few of my friends, since I had a camera class and used her as a model one weekend (she was very into it..we did hours of photos in her apartment), and kept a folder of prints of her. Guys on my floor curiously stopped by often when they'd see her visit, and invite us/her to their rooms. They all wanted her, and she kind of played it up, teasing the college guys.

    At one point, I know there were at least 10 prints of her in various poses and candids, making their way around. All I ever asked was to get them all back, as didn't want anyone else keeping them. She knew I had them, but, not that she was a star in my residence hall because of them.

  • Let me know how i can get a look at her

  • I'd rather not cuz that's just gonna expose who I am

  • What sites have you shared her on, & what's the name you have on her shared pics?

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