Give me dirty stories

I'm so hard, I'm a girl, give me you stories ;)



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  • This one time i though i was home alone.. earlier
    that morning i saw my sisters bare ass on the
    stairs i got my phone and took a pic and
    pretended 2 be asleep. I got back from school
    and i got butt naked took my phone out and
    wanked over the pics. as i was orgieng my sister was in the other room. I then came and shouted
    OHHH and yelled my sisters name and continued
    saying it then she walked in and sat down. i hide
    my p**** in my hands and my clothes were on
    the floor. my sister picked my clothes up and
    threw them out my room. 'Dont worry uncover your hands bro' i did as she said and saw my
    huge raging b****. 'i can explain' i saud but then
    i realised the pic was up on my phone. She took
    my phone and said 'you took a pic of my bare
    ass and wanked thinking about me?' i replied
    back yes and then she reached out and grabbed my d***. 'you are one horney brother' she
    wanked me slowly and then moved her hand.
    She stood up and got completely nude she
    climbed on me and put my p**** in her cleveage
    and titwanked me and i came in her face. she
    blew me off 3 times and said 'it makes me happy i give you so much pleasure. i am 14 she is 19.
    wenever were home alone she plays with my
    d*** like a toy. She now has a bf and i have a gf
    but she still pleasures me at least 4 times a week...
    we have has s** 18 times since we started
    when i was 12.. when she moves away she said she will get me on saturdays and wen her bf is
    out she will f*** and pleasure.. my life is amazing
    and we have come to a agreement to do this for
    the rest of our lives. I w*** over her at night
    when she cant pleasure me, and she lets me take
    nude pics and we shower together in the morning.

  • The first thing that caught me was your eyes. Shining, full of life and adventure. I knew from the first time I looked into them that I must have you.

    Your beauty radiates from within. Your allure is irresistible. I must have you in every way.

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