Hero or Psycho?

Ok. Here it goes...

I'm a good guy. Clever, well managed. Fun, friendly and most, if not everyone, likes me.

Problem? I have a dark side... I think.

I tend to get people whom i want to get back at's, mobile number. I add them via a chat application and chat as if i'm a girl. Then i get them to buy me airtime or free minutes or so. I get them to send me their naked pix, then i blackmail them. Mostly i do it to guys that fool around their girls' backs.

In this one case, this guy whom i currently am scamming, has a wife. He told me, (fake girl on chat app), that he single and wants to meet her. He's wanting to give her a phone and money etc, etc. Once i have enough ammo, i'll expose him.

What is wrong with me? My close friends that know what i do, call me The Spy.

Am i psycho?

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  • Can you do me a favor??? lol

  • Omg I need someone like you :) Awesome

  • You are awesome. :)

    They deserve it, and you get payed free stuff, so yay for you!

  • Do you expose them before or after you have s** with them?

  • why do it that way and btw i thought this was gunna be more intresting

  • You're just another lying piece of s***, nothing special.

  • I call u holesome :D

  • I call you awesome.

  • I call you an a******...

  • of course you would.... cause your probably a cheating guy!

  • lolz

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