I Sleep Too Much

I sleep like a baby does. :[

I'll get over 8 hours, then I'll go through the day and after a while I'll feel tired. If I have the day off work I noticed I'll take a nap somewhere in the middle of the day for at least 4 hours. Then fall asleep at night and get a ton of sleep as if the nap never happened.

I eat normally and take vitamins so I don't think it's my diet.

This isn't normal.

Mar 24, 2012

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  • Everyone's different and some people require more sleep and less for others. But 17 hours does sound excessive. You say you're eating right and taking vitamins, are you also exercising? Taking an occasional nap isn't always a bad thing, but that can definitely s**** with your sleep. Are you experiencing any other health issues? Are you stressed (more than normal?) Could you be depressed? Or is there some environmental factor at your home or work..like mold? or a slow gas leak (that may be farfetched - just trying to rule everything out)..but anyone else at work having the same issues? Maybe you will find your answer by checking out webmd.com and look up sleeping disorders and see what that says. If you're a student, you can go to your health center on your campus. And possibly if you don't have coverage, you can still go to a free clinic? Just a suggestions. It may not be what you want to do.. In the meantime, maybe you need to try to reset your sleep schedule and adhere to it and no naps.

  • Have your thyroid checked.

  • no coverage. :[ so that's gonna have to wait.

  • U should try getting more sleep, maybe ur not getting enough. Trust me, im american

  • Dumbass troll.

  • um...i'm american too. so does that make us all experts? btw i get like 17 hours. that's waaaay too much.

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