Wife Fantasy

I fantasize about my wife being seduced by another man she is unable to resist, and then carrying on a hot no-strings affair with him without knowing I know.

I would snoop and read their emails or record their conversations, or hear from a friend she secretly confesses to, or better yet capture their hot lovemaking with a hidden camera.

It would be even hotter if he were superior to me in some way, stronger, manlier, more sophisticated, more successful, better hung, more muscular....

I get so hard imagining him kissing her, undressing her, kissing her, taking off her panties and f****** her. Her arms and legs wrapped around him as he buries his c*** deep inside her, their tongues wrapped around each other as he fills her up with his c**.

She would still love me but be unable to resist her attraction to him.

I don't know why this turns me on but it does.

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  • I don’t know why either but I came to understand it finally and I enjoy it as much as he does nowadays. It took me a while. He started by telling me that he realized his coworker was checking me out and it didn’t bother him, on the contrary he kind of took it as a compliment. One day while making love he told me that his coworker literally complimented him on how attractive I was for a woman in her 50’s. When I really started to take him seriously was when he told me about his wet dreams about me having s** with his coworker. We don’t make love to frequently but when we did I was thinking of his coworker all the time. He suggested me to invite him over for dinner and I accepted. He is divorced so he came alone. It was the 3 of us only. We had a great time. We were relaxed and created a good bond. After dinner my husband suggested to get in our hot tub. He hadn’t brought a swimsuit so we all did it in underwear. My husband left us alone and went inside to spy from our bedroom window. He wouldn’t make the first move so I handed him a soapy washcloth and asked him to scrub my back. He started shyly but I made him feel confortable so pretty soon he was scrubbing me all over. Just when he was reaching under my panties we heard the sliding doors opening. It was my husband. We all jumped in the tub. My husband asked me if I was really willing to do it. I told him I was so aroused when he came back that I was trembling of excitement. He left us alone again. When his coworker left I gave him details about it as we made love.

  • I came home from work early one day and caught my wife f****** our black neighbor. I didn't let them see me and just watched. I was so jealous as I watched them f***. He is very muscular with a very slim waist and his c*** was unbelievably thick and long. My wife was moaning and telling him to f*** her harder as he pounded her b**** deep in her married p****. She kept saying how fantastic his big c*** felt in her married p****...so much better than her hubby's little one. This went on for a good thirty minutes. He f***** her doggy and then she road him. I could not believe that she sat on his huge c*** all the way down so she was sitting on his big b**** and then stroked up and down while he played with her married t*** and pinched her married nipples. He finished doing her missionary and pumped a huge load of c** deep in her married p****. Then she cleaned him up with her mouth and tongue. As he got dressed he said he would see her tomorrow at the same time and she said that she was looking forward to it. I quickly snuck out and came back later. I have never let on that I know but I have watche them several times since. I am embarrassed and humiliated but at the same time I get so hornhy.

  • This is so hot! I want my wife to do this!!!

  • If I were your wife I would be happy to oblige.

  • After seeing my wife kiss a woman on a dare at a party. I have a fantasy of me watching her have s** with a woman.

  • I have the same thing, so not so weird :).

  • Ever hear the term "cuckold"?

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