I saw it

I saw my wife kissing another man passionately in the dark. We were at a busy house party and I lost sight of her. She was very drunk and probably can't remember most of the night. I went looking for her and eventually came across her and this guy at the bottom of the hosts huge garden. It was very dark and quiet down there and I just watched them kissing. His hands were everywhere, so we're hers. She ended up j****** his big d*** off onto the grass as she licked his neck. I just left them to it and never discussed it with her. I have no idea why I just watched and didn't interrupt. The morning after it happened she was just really hungover and I honestly don't think it was something she would have done sober. It kind of turns me on whenever I remember it.

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  • Alcohol was clearly a factor but the fact that you just watched and didn't stop them says you probably enjoyed it somewhat. Perhaps she just wants some adventure. Do you guys fool around outside of the bedroom?

  • Maybe it's time for an open relationship....

  • I divorced my wife after she suggested that she do this with a guy.

  • Lol that's a bit extreme!

  • Wow, what a turn on that must be. I would love to catch my wife doing the same. Do you play with yourself while thinking of her with the other fella?

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