I masturbated in an airplane.

There was a sexy blonde sitting in the lobby before we boarded. As soon as I say down across from her, her eyes locked on me, and she flirted with me via her eyes the whole time we were waiting to board. She was wearing a black skirt that ended well above her knees so I could see a lot of her smooth sexy thigh when she had her legs crossed. She definitely noticed that I couldn't stop looking at them. They were her best feature. Her t***, however, were not far behind. She also had on an open black sweater over a tan, low-cut blouse. I've never been next to someone who made me so h**** just by sitting next to them. But, the moment passed and we had to board. I went in first and sat down. Soon, she boarded and sat across the aisle from me! I caught myself stealing glances at her sexy smooth thighs, fantasizing about lifting up that skirt and losing myself like Alice in Wonderland down there. I tried to figure out a way I could approach her and get into the bathroom with her so we could both join the mile-high club, but I couldn't get up the courage. So, I did the next best thing and went into the bathroom on the plane and masturbated. I stole a glance down at her and her thighs as I got up to go m*********, and I think the look in her eyes meant she knew what I was doing. I hope so. I hope it got her h****, and that she fantasizes about me the next time she masturbates.

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  • Hmmm.....you should of looked at her just before you went to the bathroom then point your eyes to the bathroom and smile I guess she would of come I know I would.I'm a female.

  • omg that was me! I totally remember you. And, I'm not gonna lie, if you asked me to join you in the bathroom, I totally would have.

  • You don't get a redo on situations like that. You blew it.

  • Dude, buy yourself a blow up doll and get a room.

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