I think i might have feelings for my cousin

I have a boyfriend, 1 year and 7 months. I love him to death. But I also have a "cousin" that is there for me through everything. My "cousin" and I aren't blood related at all. Let me explain. My dads half sister, had a son(my 1st cousin.) then my first cousin married a lady who already had 3 kids. The cousin I like is one of those kids. EXTREMELY DISTANT. Well he used to be kinda chubby but he was cute and then I found out he was going to be my cousin. I stopped liking him then. But the past few years we have gotten really close and he looks ALOT different now. We tell each other everything and we are exactly alike. We always say to our parents "I wish he/she wasn't my cousin". One night I had a game night and he had his foot on my side of the table. We sorta played footsies but then I just put my foot on his. We stayed the rest of the night like that. I dont want to tell my boyfriend but I dont know what to do about my "cousin". We kinda already know we wish we weren't cousins sometimes but we dont want to cause problems between the family and our boyfriends/girlfriends. We should just stay this way right? I dont know.

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  • Don't be a fool and be with him! Do you want to regret your decision in 10 years just because he's your step-cousin!?!

  • This is my confession. I made it before I had one of these. I really dont know what to do, or how to tell my step second cousin I want to be with him or if I should. My boyfriend and I have been going out for almost 2 years now!

  • Me and my cousin have confessed our feelings for each other. He always tells me im perfect. We flirt alot and I feel bad for my boyfriend cause I love him too. What do I do?

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