Sexting with cousin

A couple years ago I started dating my cousin. I guess it all happened because my mom didn’t let me have any bfs and my cousin was always in my house. My first time was with him and we had s** in my dad's house almost every day for the past 2 years. He usually asked me to send him videos showing my body after I took a shower or pictures of my private parts. I always accept his request cuz I think we are in love. I'm 13 now and he is 20 and I know I have to stop but I’m really in love of him and I can feel he is in love with me too…

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  • To be honest I don't see a problem with it coz love is love u never plan it right it jus happens unintended n once u start it will be hard to stop

  • It's sick and sad....

  • Those videos and pictures are considered child p**********. Plus the s** means he's a pedophile. He committed statutory rape.

  • Why stop it if you enjoy it?

    You see, in life, you are told to be happy and if that makes you happy, why not? At worse, if you get caught, you wont get in any trouble, the onus is on him to pick someone his age.

  • Hes using you!!! dont be stupid!!! your dumb you dont know what love is at 11 or 13 or whatever your age is... go play dolls!!!

  • You are his w****.enjoy getting f***** by him until you find a bf with a larger d***.

  • You are too young to know what love is. your cousin is a child molester, a pediphile and nothing more. what you're doing is illegal, and he could go to prison.He doesn't love you, he is a pervert

  • It will stop when you get pregnant and/or your parents find out and he's sent to jail. This has been going on for 2 years? You were 11! Sexting at your age is considered child p**********. You're too young to have a boyfriend because you really don't understand the ramifications of your actions. You don't want to believe this or accept this, but your cousin is a child molester/predator. He's taking advantage of you. It's not love. Cut the ties now.

  • U go gurl. now thats love. keep up the good s** ;)

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