I like to cut myself

I like to cut myself but Im not quite proud and i dont tell people, but i love the warm feeling you get after it.

Next Confession

I think i know

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  • KYS **!

  • Get help mate before you do something you regret. Youll have that warm feeling for the last time

  • Yeah, get help with learning how to cut the right way so you DO have that warm feeling one last time. Remember, it's "down the road" not "across the street"!

  • I headbutt trees

  • dont keep doing it, because your urges willl get strong. get help.

  • Hey, I cut myself twice, and I like the stinging. It's kinda like alcohol in my stomach, but it's on my skin. I swore not to do it, because I hate scars. But if they don't bother you, hey, do what makes you feel good (unless we're talking drugs or something equally damaging... cutting is like just a wound that heals with time, but drugs destroy brain cells).

  • seriously, this person needs help, not to be told theyre a freak. cutting can be harmful, an youre just a knobshite who needs to ** off an not comment when all youre gonna do is be a **.


  • Why don't you get a life, hater? Why don't you cut your own useless throat instead? Not really, don't do that, but seriously, why be such an **???

  • Because cutters are drama queens and attention wh0res, that's why. There are plenty of ways to "relieve the pain" than creating scars that will have people acting concerned towards you for the rest of your life.

    Maybe YOU should get a life, cutter. Better yet, end the one you have. Die a tragic young death and be remembered forever as a sad-sack who was too delicate for this cold, cold world. You know you want to!

  • **! I've been addicted to cutting, tobacco, opiates, and alcohol. I am currently clean of all four, but cutting has the strongest urges of all of them, I think about cutting multiple times an hour every single day.

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