Art Problems

Reading psychology books has taken its toll. Now, I can't draw anything longer than it is wide without thinking it's a subconscious representation of guy's genitals. Then, when I even it out with something even-ish on all sides, it becomes a representation of a girl. You know the rest. Welp. :(

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  • Stop reading Freud's theories. I'm a psychology major and have gone through a lot of different classes, and Freud didn't know what the h*** he was talking about with most of his theories. I would recommend reading about Carl Jung. His stuff is really interesting to me. You have nothing to worry about. I draw actual penises on things, and all that means is that I think it's funny to see people's reactions.

  • You're a f****** idiot. Let me guess, this is your first Psych book, (Psych 101 most likely). If all you got out of reading Psych BOOKS as you so say, is Sigmund Freud's out of date non-existenet to this day and age theory, is a shame. I think you've probably only been in a Psych class for maybe 2-3 weeks, and truly haven't learned a damn thing yet.

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