Thanks for the Degree

You were right... I DON'T love you and I'm only with you so I can finish school. As soon as I graduate next month, I'm leaving and NEVER coming back.

Thanks for the degree, you abusive a******!

(It's the least you could do, after everything you took from me)

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  • I have a friend that is destroyed because this happened...I wonder if you are the evil woman that has done this to him..He quit school, took up a job to support you, wasted his early 20's...then while he's deployed she tells him she wants a divorce because he had looked at p*** 1.5 years earlier...bullshit...why couldn't you answer his question about your fidelity...I know she cheated on him, and is a piece of s***...he may not survive because of you, and he is a great person...So if its you, talk to your man, w****!

  • The guy you are describing doesn't sound abusive. The girl you are describing does. I never agree on using people for selfish purposes. And you're right, the girl is kind of a prostitute. I feel bad for the guy, even if he were abusive or not. Nobody deserves to waste his money only to get dumped. Abusive or not.

  • So in short - your done prostituting yourself.

  • Ouch. What did he do to you? :(

    If he is abusive, I would be cautious.

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