I know we love each other and will be together

I love you and i know you love me even though your alot older than me and have a wife and kids. but i dont care about none of that not even a little bit because i know that you will eventually leave them and be with me full time. i just know thats going to happen. i have always been like psychic a little and i can see it happening soon. i even saw that the day we very first met at the club and you couldnt stop looking at me and then kept calling me on the phone you bought me and coming back to see only me and its been the same ever since. i love you. please come to me. please. im better for you than they are. so please come.

Apr 3, 2012

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  • You're glad that a father is leaving his children to be with you full time? Selfish w****! Even if he does come to you, think about the lives you f***** up. And then he'll think about that too, and you'll both start hating yourselves. Have a great life!

  • im going to give him other children once were living together and then eventually get married and ill be a better wife and a better mother than the woman hes married to now who is a mean old fat b****. he should never even have married her. he should of waited for me but they got married before i even was born so i dont hold that against him. we love each other and we want to be together really bad and we will be. nobodys lives will be f***** up because things are going to be just exactly like they were meant to be. me and him were meant to be together and were meant to have our own family. its going to be wonderful when it eventually happens. i can see it.

  • How do you even know his wife is even like that? Do you personally know her? Or do you only know her from the things that he tells you about her when he's aggravated and frustrated with her? Even if you can give him another kid, it won't ever replace his other kid that he had first.
    And no. You're absolutely wrong. It's not meant to be, because if it were meant to be you wouldn't have had to jump into the middle of their marriage and have him leave his wife and kids for you.
    No, sweetie, if it was meant to be he would have been a single man still waiting for someone who was worth marrying. You keep thinking that, but sooner or later he'll come to a conclusion that what he's doing is wrong and he will hate you for being a selfish s***.

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