My dog...

Iv been reading some stories here about people getting f***** by there dogs and i need to confess. It has made me so h****...
I now cant stop thinking about my dog f****** me...
how do i get my dog to f*** me in the ass???
im male...

Apr 3, 2012


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  • Don't wash your v***** and wear dirty knickers, try leaving your knickers on the floor for the dog, the more dirty and smelly your c*** and arsehole the better

  • Im my experience training wasn't required. I think some dogs are just h**** and will hump anything. I was crossdressing in my sister's clothes, which included her skirt and panties. I was on all fours and got mounted and screwed. He wasn't trained that I know of. I wasn't trying to get screwed, so think it can be natural or the combination of h**** dog and being in the right position.

  • Don't wash your private parts the more smelly you v***** a*** is the better I am speaking from experience, most dogs pick up on this,

  • You can start by smearing peanut butter up you ass and on your d*** for dog to lick. Works great for e.

  • Well if ur dog is nutered then good luck with that but u could just do a friends dog when u spend the night there. Thats what i do.

  • Where do u live I have trained my dog if u get In front of him with your pants down he will f*** you
    Get back to me if interested

  • Seek help - not normal

  • Find a b**** in heat and rub her juices on you ass. That will get him going. Just remember when he nuts his c*** will swell and prob get suck you there for a while. Good luck with that.

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