My Neighbor's Dog

My neighbor's dog ran into my yard and chased my son. It kept nipping at his heels while doing so. I talked to my neighbor and she said as long as her dog doesn't bite my son I can't prove anything.

Her dog is a frilly little piece of s***. One of those dumb dogs that someone like Paris Hilton would carry around in a f****** bag. It f****** yaps at anyone that walks by and thinks the world is it's f****** s*** pot. I f****** hate that spoiled ass dog.

So in response to her indifferent attitude about my yard and my kids, I took her dog the next day. I drove across the state over 300 miles. I dropped that stupid f***** off in a trailer park. I hope that rich little b****** dog got picked up by an annoying little girl that pulls its hair.

May 30, 2012

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  • Good move mate, love from australia

  • i woud f****** drive a spear through that thing and leave it at her door

  • Well, gee what a great idea. Take a living creature and destroy it! Maybe someone like myself, who doesn't care for badly behaved children could do something like that. Take your kid, drive it across the border and sell it. That would fix you wouldn't it. But it would also damage a beautiful living creature for my own selfish, perverse pleasure. I would deserve to be arrested and jailed. I would deserve the kind of treatment dished out in our lovely reform institutions. You are absolutely vile. The problem is you are teaching your children to be vile too and they will, unfortunately end up like yourself, unloved, ruined with no soul and no chance for redemption. Remember darling, "what goes around comes around."

  • a f****** dog is different than a CHILD

  • Yeah. They're not as noisy or messy, for starters. You can also discipline them, like adults are supposed to, and no one will go into a swoon over it.

    What, you thought I was going to say something like "oh yes children are precious"? Ha, never. Kids are maggots and they grow up into a*******.

  • Okay. I see where your coming from. But HOW THE H*** DO YOU DO THAT TO A F****** DOG???????????????? YOU ARE CRUEL AND HAVE NO HEART!!!! And legally, you can't prove anything unless the dog bit him.

  • I agree. You said the dog was small and your son still ran away from it! It was probably just a Yorkshire terrier. Come on a lap dog chased your son? Either that was a large dog or the dog has more D*** than your son.

  • I hate that prissy f****** dog too. You did the right thing. Too bad you couldn't have relocated the neighbor too.

  • DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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