I Just Dumped My Boyfriends Cat

I moved in with my boyfriend recently. He has (uhh, had) this stupid cat who he never got fixed. Recently it started p****** EVERYWHERE in the house. It STINKS. SO I put the filthy thing in a laundry basket, put the basket in my car, drove fifteen minutes and chucked the little b***** in front of someones house.

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  • Someone's trolling snowflakes again

  • You're a f****** c***. Kill yourself.

  • My wife's cat p***** in my car seat the day we were getting rid of him. F*** that f*****.

  • Cats are gay anyways

  • Your conscience is also made of that cat's p***, you f****** b****! I hope your boyfriend dumps you, he deserves better than someone who steals his pet when his back is turned. You stink!

  • i agree. you could have just stolen it and had it desexed. in any case it's his cat and his friend. it was there first and it will probably die or turn feral now thanks to you and never be loved again. i hope you share it's fate.

  • You know what's funny??? He only JUST NOTICED the stupid thing is gone. Yeah, some crazy strong bond there.

  • Good riddance to that little p****** piece of s***!!

  • Lol!!!!

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