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My parents are divorced and I went to visit my dad over the summer. First time in 5 years ive seen him. So after all the reminiscing and stuff my step brothers and sisters went to visit my cousin who had cancer in his leg and had to go tenesee to get surgory. So off they went and me and my two brothers decided to stay home and watch the fort. We stay up late so we all wake up around 11-1ish. So I just so happend to wake up at 7:30 in the morning and to take a wee. (We sleep in the basement by the way) so I march upstares and do my do. The bathroom is right next to my 2nd oldest step sister who in my opinion is the prettiest. And remember "oh yeah, their not home" so I creep in and look around and notice a basket of dirty laundry. I take her light brown panties out of the pile and give them a sniff. And oh my god did they smell good. I even started to lick them. I put them on my d*** and started to rub. I came all over her panties and the floor. Even a little bit mansged to bc et on the wall. I then put them back into the basket.(c** soaked) and went back downstairs to finosh my rest. They came home and im asuming she hadnt notice the j*** on her panties. Now everyrime I see her I just think of that time. I even often m********* to her pictures on faceboom that show the littlest amount of her cleavage. Sometimes when shes in the living room I like to take pictures of her nice sexy legs and go to bathroom the f*** myself.

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