Thanks obama

I fear America will never be like it once was. A great nations. I want to retire like my parents. It seems that may never happen.

Is there any hope with all the idiots these days.

We are all in this together, we will all suffer the same. Don't make the same
Mistake twice.

Apr 5, 2012

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  • Things have sucked since Bill Clinton left office. Bring him back and make him king.

  • After Clinton the deficit got out of control due to cutting taxes but not spending. And we spent trillions on unnecessary wars. Now under Biden we are on the verge of 9 percent interest rates and effective default on the debt. Hang for the ride, suckers. It’s gonna get *very* ugly.

  • I meant a depression.

  • Yeah lets vote a republican to begin the cycle of almost going into a recession. The same people who created toll roads. The guys who are friends with oil execs and have billions of dollars and are out of touch with the american people. Get your facts right before you blame everything on Obama you f****** idiot.

  • Biden doesn’t need Republican help to get us into a deep recession. Come on, man!

  • I'm not american, but when was America a great nation? When it was extremely racist against black people? Or... when? Seriously. And why does your life depend on your country? You only have one, and every country sucks, always has and probably always will.

  • America is an exceptional country run by unexceptional people. The last two Presidents would have done a better job if they had played golf more and taken longer naps. That’s certainly true of Biden, who hasn’t said a word that makes sense since becoming President. Don’t worry though - the Democrats are going to get the biggest shellacking in 40 years in the midterms and then Biden’s agenda will be shut down. He might even be impeached, though I don’t relish cackling Kamala as Presidunce.

  • you're an idiot. your comment is impertinent.

  • Well, I just asked a question. And you didn't answer it, you just called me an idiot. What I said is true, you can't blame anyone else (or your country) for your own misery. Grow up! No country was ever good, because people were never good. That is the truth, so stop being such a patriotic idiot and do something productive for once.

  • >>Well, I just asked a question. And you didn't answer it, you just called me an idiot.

    That's what passes for discourse these days, especially in America. That general attitude is why it's circling the drain, not due to whoever's in the WH. Although having the poster child for being a bullying emotional infant using up Daddy's money in there right now is not helping...

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