Open your boarders America

I want dumbass Trump to open the American boarders and to seriously limit State ability to control the Covid19 outbreak. I wish to see your country be ravaged by this virus and wipe out a huge number of idiots (unfortunately, nice smart people may be victims too). My biggest hope is for all of those moronic redneck protesters to be the first victims. Why such a bleak hope? Maybe, just maybe you dumb f****** Americans may learn something. Like maybe voting in a TV personality as president is f****** stupid. Not like the alternative is any better, but I'm hoping he gets sick and dies before the election too.

Apr 21, 2020

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  • You want all white f*** by black c*** men women white no to breed

  • Idiot YOU

  • Where is the loaded gun

  • We finally have a plague in our lifetimes, and it doesn't only remove the stupid. That's unfortunate. Maybe a nice flamethrowing drone over the redneck crowds would be better for purifying society.

  • F*** you libturd b****. If you did that, I would go full redneck on your stupid ass and make you my b****

  • Yeah, you totally wouldn't. We have all seen extensive evidence that you start crying when you lose. There are videos all over You Tube. Sit down, boy.

  • Yes burn them hillbillies!


  • This guy have actually lost it due to condolences to you loser..

  • Scree scree trumps not my president scree scree

  • Scree scree I suck up to a manbaby who only sees me as riot fodder scree scree

  • Email me

  • By how? Invisible email? lol

  • I bet you feed your dog onions, stupid femboy

  • Started to, ended up feeding them to your mom. Not my fault she looks so much like my pound puppy, snaggletooth and all

  • The dog doesn't fart as much though

  • Guess he is still upset that Hillary lost and not there to use a massive strap-on c*** on his ass. He has. Or he's some Euro GQ type d*** head.

  • Two different issues.

    It will be interesting to see what happens to the trump supporters.

  • If past viral videos and such are any indication, they'll spend lots of energy whining about "freedom" and the other half breathlessly whining that they're sick now and can't get a bed. Too bad doctors can't determine very easily who the willful idiots were, and let them enjoy their last gasps of freedom without taking up valuable resources that could save a NON-idiot.

  • Trump supporters are bizarre. He is as rich as f*** spending other peoples money and they are as poor as s*** with no health care and if they get sick trump doesn't care. It defies any logic.

  • I wonder if trump has a foreskin

  • If he did and it were ever removed, would he be able to find Mini-Me again?

  • This is a confession site, not political.

  • It's also not a "make up bullshit stories" site for mental infants, yet here you are. Save the hypocrisy for the serial bullshitters

  • When the MAGAts aren't posting "i luv 2 sniff toddler panties" fantasies, they're on threads like this making loud macho threats. It sounds confusing, but apparently makes perfect sense if your brains are all bound up by cogdis.

  • F*** you w*****. P*** off!!!!

  • How about you mind your own business. Leave fool

  • Feel a little threatened, MAGAT? You should. You're not the only ones who know how to pull triggers ;)

  • You should fear us MAGATS instead as we will wipe out you and torch your godammed properties if we wanted to. Or even better, we can stop trucking essential supplies to the cities you live in and let you all starve to death.

  • Yawn. Lots and lots of bravado. Aren't you the ones who film yourselves crying and setting fire to things when you 1) don't get your way or 2) actually get arrested for doing the dumb hillbilly s*** you love so much? Happens every single time. You are noisy, but not scary. Keep flapping that hole under your nose if it makes you feel better.

  • Hahaha. Stupid libturd. We always win, unlike you manbabies whoo only serve as a wakeup call to the rest of society to vote right.

  • Right. That's why you're always whining and crying, because you're such "winners". You can't handle anything beyond schoolyard behavior and think loud = right.

    By the way, "who" has ONE "o". You made an owl sound, like the hooting r***** you are.

  • We'll see in the polls later lib. F*** you and your liberal logic!

  • Lib lib lib
    f*** f*** f***
    Interesting how you can't say one without the other, MAGAT. Sounds like you've got an unfulfilled s3xual fantasy that's bothering you and you can't admit it. That would explain why you're so cranky. Or is that because you didn't have your nap today?

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