If You Find a Baggy of White Powder On The Bathroom Floor......

So, as I was saying; If you find a baggy of white powder on the bathroom floor of a club or after hours downtown... DON'T snort it.

You see, my friends and I have a nasty habit of putting powdered bleach into little gram bags and leaving them on the bathroom floors of clubs.

It only targets the incredibly stupid. Because you would have to be incredibly stupid to even CONSIDER snorting something you found on the floor, let alone actually doing it.


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  • you n your friends are p*****.

  • Population control. Killing off the f****** dumbass's! Brilliant !!!!

  • Ever consider that you might kill somebody, you stupid fool?
    Ignorance shouldn't be a death sentence. What if some vigilante bartender spiked you or your friends drinks with battery acid when you are in your "clubs"? Pretty much the same thing. You are an a****** of the lowest order.

  • That is either the funniest or the most horrendous thing I have heard all day.

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