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Is there something wrong with me?!? i spend hours thinking why doesnt he kiss me?! before me he would kiss any girl that he wanted, but all he does with me is hold my hand and this is killing me!! its been almost a month!! im thinking about breaking up with him, but i just cant do that! i dont wanna dump another guy.. the last one we dated for 3 months and nothing more than holding hands!! and he was already telling me that he loves me?!!?i dont want another rerun with this one of what happend last time! god is something wrong with me!!

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  • this may be a good thing, maybe he loves you like nothing else and hes not kissing you because he doesnt want to mess it up between you two, incase he thinks you might not want him to kiss you

  • Here's what's wrong. Stop beating around the bush. Both of you keep waiting for each other to make a move. Why don't you just make the first move and get it over with?! Stop waiting and just go for it.

  • I did that to one of my Gf's one time for 3 months but it was just to get closer to her friends. Peak, yeah but a thought.

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