I like older women

I'm a 24 year old man and I've always been with women who are older than me. In high school at age 16 I had a girlfriend who was 31 and she taught me a lot about life and whole lot more about s**. Eventually, guilt and I think fear on her part drove her away from me.

Ever since, I have been attracted to women who are older, sometimes much older. I find them more fun to be around, more down to earth and more giving and caring sexually.

My most recent serious relationship was with a woman who is 46. She was everything to me. I loved cuddling up with her on the couch to watch TV. I loved going places with her, holding her hand. When we were in bed together all I could do was worship her body. I wanted to please her in every way possible. She was very passionate. Her kids and friends never accepted me. It was the age difference. They made that clear.

It's weird how these relationships go. I see a woman I am attracted to and I am as respectful as I can be while also being attentive and flirty. Sometimes it takes a while for them to see me for what I want to be to them. Often they eventually do and we go into the courtship stage, where I become more than the young guy acting so forward.

These women turn me on so much. I get hard just having dinner with my woman and talking. When we are in bed I can't get enough. One, two and sometimes three times a night we have s**. If I stay the night I want more in the morning.

A lot of people don't understand but I like mature, older women. I don't think a woman in her 50s or 60s would be too old for me. Why does the age difference always end these relationships? From my heart I don't understand.

Apr 9, 2012

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  • Can I ask you, although this might be a bit off the conversation- what is it about younger girls that disappoints you?
    I'm 25, and the men I've dated were never as mature as I hoped. My eternal curse is that I look even younger than my age, so then men I'm interested in (often older) never think of pursuing me that way- as a potential partner.
    I'm just struck by your intelligence and your passion and it makes me a little sad that women your age wouldn't be given the chance to experience it.

  • Thank you. I meant no disrespect toward women closer to my own age. They have their own merits and most men seem to find them desirable.

    In work and school I have come to like and appreciate many younger women. As partners, however, the limited number I've dated are often more distracted by things that do not interest me. Whether it's hanging with clusters of friends or performing sexually with what seems a feigned enthusiasm the women I know lack a commonality with my approach to life.

    Older women better understand what they want and what they like. There are fewer games and sexually more sincerity. I know this does not apply to all women, either way. That has been my experience.

    But as I've said, my older lovers have disappointed me in other ways. I will continue my search. And the journey itself is rewarding.

  • I wish I had had the sense to date older women when I was 24. Especially those over 50. They have lots of experience and don't have to worry about getting pregnant. I only managed to date one before I got married. She turned me every which way but loose. She liked being single so she could freely choose who to sleep with.


  • Oh my GOD...I'm 46 and I wish you were mine ! I wouldn't give a crap what anybody thought of our relationship. It's awesome that you don't care about the age difference at all.

    It totally SUCKS how society frowns on age differences.

    I wonder how many women my age wish they had someone like you.

  • Thank you so much for your words of encouragement. I feel a sense of hope, of rebirth, in knowing there is a woman or women out there who can be what I am seeking.

    I think it is unfair that so many older men can have younger wives or girlfriends and people act as though they are "lucky" or they don't react much at all.

    My heart has been broken and it hurts all the more because I know I was loved and it was outside influences that crushed my dreams and hopes.

    I will continue to look for the type of woman who makes me happiest. I so look forward to wrapping myself around that woman with my heart and body and giving her my all. Of being her lover, her companion and her love.

  • Well baby, where is your online dating profile? What is it ???? Surely you have found cougar dating sites online. As intelligent and sexy as you sound....you should have NOOOOOOO problem finding a fearless woman to include you in her life seriously !

    Glad I gave you some renewed hope. You deserve it ! You're everything some women dream of, from the sound of it !

  • Thank you again. I haven't done anything with online dating. The cougar thing kind of scares me, frankly. I have usually met the women I like through various social settings, chance encounters and such.

    The problem with some of the women I've met is what I fear I might encounter on such online sites. They seem to treat me like some temporary prize.

    I once started a relationship with a woman who was almost 50 and I was 22. I was very attracted to her and we connected on a lot of levels. It was ALL great until I went on a road trip with her. We stayed the night at her friend's house and after a few drinks she started bragging about me. Everything from how much stamina I have to the size of my p****.

    I felt insignificant and used. That night we had s** and she was extra loud. I know she wanted her friend to hear.

    I am extremely attracted to older women. I have had girls younger and they don't compare. I love spooning naked with my lover under the covers on a cool evening, kissing and nibbling on her neck as my l*** builds. I become a sexual animal but only with older women.

    I have yet to meet an older woman who wasn't a hungry, appreciative, dynamic lover. Yum.

  • Honestly, given the impossibility of the situation I am trying not to flirt with you.

    You sound like my kind of woman. A free-spirited, adventurous, hot blooded women who could give me a run for my money. Plus, you're very understanding and accepting. Oops. I won't talk dirty but grrrroowwwwl!

    Oh, I could imagine the things we could do together. So online dating site? You're right about me having pretty good luck finding women I like. I maybe found one here.

    You keep that passion flowing sweetheart.

  • I'm sorry, why should you not flirt with me ? ;)

  • I'm afraid flirting with you will get me too excited, with no payoff at the end. I imagine you, the 46-year-old woman confident in who she is and straight-forward in her approach to relationships and life.

    Your adventurous spirit is sexually appealing. I see myself playfully working my way into your mind, heart and bed. I see myself gently rubbing your feet, your legs, your hips, your back and neck. I feel my passion growing as I kiss you all over and worship your body.

    You respond to my touch and kisses. Your body lets me know what you like and where you like it. You turn me into a beast. You are surprised by the ferocity of my l*** but even more so, excited. I can take you places I know you've never been. I can exhaust you but it is a sweet exhaustion that has your mind spinning. You want me. I devour you.

    I am no longer a 244-year-old man. I am everything.


  • I really would like to flirt with you. But if you want to know if there's a payoff at the end or not...you're gonna have to post an email address here to take things private.

  • Wow, I'm sorry you get treated like such a piece of meat sometimes. Is this what really young girls with much older men go through ? Maybe...again, it's part of the weirdness surrounding big age differences.

    How do you get so lucky to meet so many older attractive women in social situations and then get them interested in you ? It sounds like you do quite well actually.

    What about if you state in online dating profiles just how serious you want to get with a woman ? Be bold about saying you don't want to just be someone's boy toy. Still not for you to do that?

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