The daughter of one of my business partners started working part-time for us in January, and will continue until she finishes at the local juco and goes to university down south in the fall. While I'd seen her many times before, I never noticed what incredible nipples she has until she started coming to the office every day and wearing business clothes. She's rail-thin and has very pale skin (she's a redhead with brilliant hair), but those f****** nipples are long and thick, even when they're soft (which they almost never are), and her clothing does little to hide those breathtaking facts: not even a thick bra can conceal them. And now that I'm having sexual feelings for her, I've also started noticing the kind of person she is and have begun falling in love with her, even though she's barely out of her teens and I'm well into my 40s and have a wife ....... and kids older than she is. I get hard EVERY time she's around, but so far have successfully hidden that problem, though I don't know how long I'll keep being able to do that. Rationally, I know nothing will happen between us, because nothing can happen between us, but that doesn't help with the pain of loving her and wanting her, or the dread I have of going to work every morning and wondering if this is the day that she and everyone else in the office and in the world will discover how I feel about her.

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  • h*** she's legal...........f*** her.

  • ^

    h*** it's got a hole, f*** it.

  • The girl sounds pretty hot, but you realy have to be careful about doing her, most important: that you be sure she doesnt say anything to anybody about the affair. Otherwise you could go get a pro thats got redhair and a slim body and just pretend, maybe even call her by the girls name whenever you date the call girl. That could be sweet.

  • creeper...

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