Iam 8 months Pregnant with my Brother In Law's Baby..He is getting married

I am 8 Months pregnant with my Brother in law ..who says he loves me so much n knows about our baby..he now getting married with some other girl..he says he is doing it because of family pressure (I am his elder brother's wife..and we stay in joint family)..n he still loves me n keep on loving me..Plz suggest what should i do?? should i trust him ?? how will i cope up he staying with someone else in front of me..plz suggest..i really need some advice..i can't take this pressure anymore..

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  • Play with fire expect to get BURNT .......get the message ????? you silly tart...

  • Well,my dear, that your problem eh so go for it

  • Wat the f*** u freak messed up in so many ways u wrongen

  • Pray to god that your would be child doesn't look like your bro in law. sorry but women like you can destroy many lives in this case your entire joint family and your would be bro in laws wife

  • It seems that u r from asia, south asia. U have 2 choices. 1.Stop loving him & move on. NEVER reveal about baby's father to anyone on this planet. 2.If u can't resist him, you can continue by taking care that nobody come to know it. Remember this law, more risk more gain.

  • Thanks A lot..

  • 1) Say nothing to your husband regarding the child's biology. Ever. And DO NOT tell anyone else (girlfriends, etc.) about the baby's paternity. Ever.

    2) Tell your brother-in-law that you were wrong about him being the father of your child; perhaps that the conception date was miscalculated. That's a lie, of course, but you're a woman: lying to a man about s** should be natural, and we all buy whatever women say about intercourse, anyway, particularly if it's accompanied by flattery ("Oh, dear God, brother-in-law: you were the best f*** in the history of f******!!").

    3) NEVER ever ever ever EVER tell the child that there's ANY issue about his/her paternity. By law in most places, the husband of the mother is legally presumed to be the father of the child, so there'll be no one to challenge that presumption. Obviously, the brother-in-law COULD raise the question, but he's already proven his worthlessness --- and, frankly, his gutlessness --- so you needn't ever worry about him staking that claim. Not ever.

    4) End the relationship --- romantic, emotional and sexual --- with the brother-in-law. Don't wait a day, much less for the baby to be born. I don't care that he says he "loves" you. The meaning of the word utterly eludes him, and you have no reason to expect that he will suddenly find its meaning within his grasp, or his application. And void further contact or communication with him: he can only bring you harm. [Again, flattery will grease this skid: "I simply can't bear the thought of seeing you and not f****** you!"]

    Under other circumstances, you could continue the relationship with the brother-in-law, maybe even turning it into something thrilling and rewarding and risky and fun. But it's clear from what you wrote --- and from the fact that you made no mention whatsoever (either direct or indirect) that YOU love HIM --- that YOU SIMPLY DON'T HAVE THE STRENGTH OR GUILE OR PATIENCE TO BRING THAT OFF. End it. Let the baby be and remain legitimate, and live your life without that selfish, renegade brother-in-law sniffing at your crotch and dry-humping for the rest of your reproductive life.

  • I totally agree with your advise.

  • you should stop now. u already gotten pregnant so stop. tell ur husband he will get p***** at u he will nothin stoppin that. but if yo wait till later he will be even more p***** an then will get a divorce an alot of other s*** so. stop tell ur bro in law u two need to stop. before u get another baby.

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