Tbh with myself

I feel like I don't love my bf anymore, and I wonder if I'm just settling because he's a nice guy. I have always been obsessed with settling down and having a family but I'm still young and in college, and he loves me 110% and his family treats me like family but I just don't find him attractive anymore and anything he says just kinda just makes me sad or neutral and I will pretend to be happy...honestly I don't know why I can't love him...

Aug 13, 2015

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  • You still love him but it has changed from romantic love to a platonic one like the way you love your family. We change and there's nothing wrong with that. What would be wrong is for you to stay in this relationship and marry him. He's not the only nice guy in the world. Sure, there are a lot of jerks, but there are also a lot of good guys. Be fair and let him go so you both can find better partners.

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