I miss it and him...

I miss my ex so much as we were forced to break up for various reasons.
Ever since we broke up I have been so depressed, when I was with him although it was a distance relationship as we lived opposite ends of England we would text every minute of every day it felt like he was with me, right by my side!
When we had to break up I didnt know what to do, I had to listen to people calling him to my face when we broke up, how can people do that?! I never told anyone I loved him, never, but it tore me apart inside I cry and think about him every day how we enjoyed being together!
I must admit making love with him was amazing, for the little time we got together we actually did mean it.
I'd be on top of him and kiss him on the lips and neck then touch his hot body and he'd then go on top on me and we'd make love for hours in diffrent ways, he war s6 gentle Me, we had so much love e to give each other in so many diffrent ways!
I love him so much and dont know what to do without him now :(

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  • if you really loved him so much than there wouldn't be 'various' reasons to break up, h***, there would be no reason at all. my girlfriend lives in another friggin' country, 5 hours flying away. so the other side of england is like friggin' peanuts. either deal with it or stay together. but if you broke up than the love probably wasn't as big as you imagine it.

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