I am absolutely aching to have a*** s** with my wifes best friend because i know she does a*** and i know my wife wont ever give it up as long as she lives. based on indirect conversations weve had im pretty sure the friend would have an affair with me but i will probably have to make the first move because the both of us are married. but i think about the friend all the time and i wish it was her i was with. i think the main problem isnt that were married its that if we start f****** we wont ever stop.

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  • Try to convence your wife. Start by slipping your pinky in during s** if she gets nervous just kiss her and calm her but don't stop. Them get a vibrator about 1/2 the size of your...... and gently stick that in while having s** then one day get her in doggy style have yourself lubricated really well and gently slide it in. Make sure m rub her chacha the entire time to counter balance any pain. That's how I started n now I love it. :)

  • i'm with the rest, go for it. but first make sure your wife really won't do it. she may surprise you. don't go indirectly, ask her directly, tell her that you're curious about it and want to try it. i hate people who won't even try something once. most people actually like stuff that they thought they wouldn't, and yes that includes a*** ladies. if she's not even willing to try, then go f*** that ass! tap it, fill it, enjoy it!

  • I f*** my wife's best friend more than I f*** my wife. Just make sue she knows how to keep her mouth shut.

  • I think you definitely should tap that ass. Just make sure before you hit it that she understands it's just temporary (once, twice, whatever), otherwise she's likely to expect something long term. Then, if you decide you want more, you can always tell her that and she'll probably let you keep hitting it. Good luck, bro!

  • a b**** dont give up that ass deserve to get cheated on.

  • Go for it. nothing better than a***.

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