I am married and 36 i am addictive to a woman that is 26 single with a son that has become somewhat attached to me. She is a very nice looking lady with the body of a Godess and very flexable. I Help her out with 200 dollars here 100 dollars there but I spend alot of time with here as I can take of from work during the day and she goes on company trips with me. I love my wife and kids but cant seem to break with he, every time I dont call for a few days she calls and I answer then the addiction starts all over again. we get along and she is ok with me being married and she has acted according but i can feel things will end bad for me if i continue this relationship but she is so fine and s** with her is amazing s** with with is amazing also but where as my wife ony sucks my d*** on special accation with a condom(hates c** taste) and wont do a*** she sucks my d*** whooo and tha a*** is just wild and she is so flexable. It just hooks me but I dont love her or want her to be my mate or anything but the s** is good she and i get along and she is very addictive and I know it sounds stupid but I just cant get her out of my system.anyone have suggestions remeber real suggestions and I wont to be with wife and kids.

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  • I understand you. Good luck.

  • What a complete A****** !

    You are so stupid.

    Read your post, read your post, and take a good look at your dumb ass self!

  • your pathetic.if and when your children realize you left them/thier mother for some other women and child,they will hate you forever.
    Go be with that other women because you are a weak,stupid man.
    You will regret it.And if u decide you want to stay with your own FAMILY,i hope your wife finds out and leaves your sorry ass.

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