I'm young, pretty and married. My

I'm young, pretty and married. My husband abuses me and I want to die. I hate my life and I wish i never met him.

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  • Problem, solution: leave him you don't need him if he makes you this sad you should've left him a long time ago, i know it's hard to stand on your on two feet with no one to lean on, but you need to let him go and at times you can feel trapped and suck but it's all in your head and if he's really that bad then you need to tell somenone

  • I Beat My Wife Every Night

    I have beaten my wife every night for the last week. I beat her bad. I'm sure she's scarred for life by now but she keeps coming back for more. The other night I pummeled her so relentlessly that she could barely speak. She's yelled at me, called me all kinds of names and even fumed at me for days but I just keep beating her. And quietly, I laugh to myself after I'm done. It makes me feel good. It makes me feel powerful. It makes me realize that when I'm down, I can just think about beating her senseless and it will make me feel better. Just thinking about it now makes me grin. I can't wait till later tonight. The kids will be in bed, it will be dark and there will be nothing to stop me.

    I just can't wait to beat her again

  • King Joffery GoT #101
    dude you need some help you sadistic F***

  • They beat you down, and make you feel as though you deserve it. They are really big p******. Fight him back. Even if you don't beat him up, fight dirty. . .bite, kick, scratch, poke the eyes out, whatever. . .just don't take that s***.

  • Put a bullet in his head.


    Metaphorically speaking, that is...

  • ill kick his ass for you. guys that beat women should all get their a**** handed to them

  • you need to walk away and start a new life with someone who worships the ground on which you walk

  • The first step is always the hardest. Take it..it leads to a better life...you deserve it.

  • You don't need an excuse to leave him more than you have now... just do it. Freedom awaits you.

  • You are too beaten down emotionally to see this right now: you must do something. I don't know enough to say what. Don't necessarily listen to bloggers who'll go to "divorce him" immediately after reading your post. Divorce may be the best option in your situation, but maybe counseling, or simply communication is what you need. But obviously, you need some intervention. And you must be willing to do what you must do. Even if it means divorce. WIth or without a restraining order. Just DON'T take it out on yourself. Remember, you're the "good guy."

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